03 Jun 2022

This dataset was last updated on NationalMap Data Service on 03 Jun 2022.

This is a sample of the NationalMap Dataset, for an area including parts of Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty District.

To obtain this data for the whole country it is available for ongoing licensed access please visit:

A subset of the NationalMap Formed Roads network consisting of Walkways and Cycleways

To be a Walkway, a road segment must:

  • NOT be accessible to any motorised vehicle.
  • Be exclusively for pedestrian use.

In general, Walkways:

  • Are pedestrianised portions of a road in a shopping district.
  • Are a portion of road formed only as pedestrian steps.
  • Are areas within shopping malls or plazas.
  • Are areas where a driveable connection between two connecting roads has been permanently blocked by a barrier, footpath, flowerbed, or other obstacle.
  • Provide access between properties to public lands, parks, beaches.

Walkways/Accessways are commonly sourced from:

  • LINZ LandOnline
  • Council RAMM data
Layer ID 99124
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 585
Primary key UNIQUE_ID
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)