VisualCensus2013 User Guide

05 Aug 2016

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VisualCensus2013 User Guide

Welcome to VisualCensus13 (VC13). It’s been seven years since the previous census took place, and a lot has changed in our nation’s demographics. VisualCensus13 will enable you to visualise what these changes look like, and assist you with planning for the future.

VC13 takes the information released by Statistics New Zealand, and formats it into ready-to-use files for use in your GIS. Attribute information is combined with mapping files to enable you to create maps of interesting themes – whether it’s ethnicity, age, home ownership, occupations or how people travel to work.

There are a few things you should know about VC13 before you get started. This document is designed to highlight these for you.

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NationalMap (six monthly) Release October 2019 - and Installation Guide

29 Oct 2019

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NationalMap is engineered with context, analysis and business integration in mind, making it the essential solution for all of your mapping and location-based applications.

The NationalMap dataset allows your data to be displayed and analysed in context with the surrounding geography.

NationalMap provides street-level mapping with unparalleled display quality and data accuracy. It is widely recognised as the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date New Zealand map data and is trusted by many global and local companies where accuracy, especially for road information, is critical to their business.

Including our up-to-date proprietary road network and a gazetteer of place names and landmarks, NationalMap is a comprehensive digital map solution. Also included is a useful range of boundaries for local and regional government administration, such as communities of interest, (optional) postcode boundaries and statistical areas, and many other topographic data layers.

Specialist add-on modules are also available including:
- Cadastral land parcel information provisioned through the LINZ Data Service (LDS)
- Routing application to enable journey planning and route analysis to assist in fleet management, among other applications
- Elevation information including contour data and digital elevation models.

NationalMap is completely scalable in its deployment, allowing the purchasing of contiguous or discrete areas ranging from the whole country, to North and South Islands; regional councils, to territorial authorities.

NationalMap is also directly compatible with a number of other data products. This eliminates the need for user integration and configuration, providing seamless overlays and ease of use through common datasets.

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NationalMap Routing user guide content

29 Oct 2019

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Thank you for choosing to purchase the NationalMap Routing add-on from Critchlow. This add-on has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Routeware Routefinder and ESRI Network Analyst software.

This add-on will provide you with a road network for use with Routefinder which includes road name, surface, hierarchy, average speed and speed limit attributes.

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NationalMap Monthly Release Notes September 2019

30 Oct 2019

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NationalMap Release Notes – September 2019


  • new and updated roads - including the completion of the Property and Facility access road review, and the annual speed limit review
  • updates to POI and contextual data
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